Photo Day


Coaches: This is the team photo schedule for Saturday,  March 21st  . Your team MUST be lined up at the photo area (accross racketball court near the lake ) ON TIME.  Anyone who is not on time (including the coach) will not be in the team photo.  So please,  to allow enough time. Plan on lining up at least 15 minutes in advance. You will receive order forms; purchases are strictly optional. We will also sell photo buttons as this is our only league fundraiser @ $5 per pair. We strongly encourage parents to buy these. They make great gifts and every cent goes to the league, which is committed to keeping soccer affordable for every child. We ask the team managers to collect the button money. If there are any questions about orders or misspelled names, please call Vernon photo directly at (727) 329-8962. One final note: Per our agreement with Vernon, parents CANNOT SHOOT behind the photographers. If you wish to take your own team photo, please do it away from photography area.

Soccer Photos Spring 2020 - Sheet1[1]

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